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Tips to Detect and Avoid Recruitment Scams & Fraudulent Activity

At Danone Canada, we want to ensure the safety of our people, clients, partners, communities and that of potential candidates like you. This is why we would like to raise your awareness on a situation where ill-intentioned individuals use telephone or online schemes to obtain money or personal information. These schemes can include recruitment scams such as, but not limited to; job postings offering roles, interview invitations, or asking for payments to cover a range of expenses and administration costs. That is why vigilance is so important.

Know that, a Danone Canada, we only accept applications through our career websites, accessible at https://www.danone.ca/careers/ and https://jobs.danone.com/.

We will contact you only after you have applied for a role with Danone Canada, or if a member of the Danone Canada Human Resources team contacts you proactively to discuss a career opportunity, We will then reach you using one or more of the following ways:

  • Phone call from a member of the Danone Canada Human Resources team; and/or
  • E-mail from a member of the Danone Canada Human Resources team with a danone.com e-mail address, or a message through LinkedIn or, Seek.

Please note that a member of the Danone Canada Human Resources team will never ask you to provide personal information other than your name, resume and letter of recommendation. Moreover, Danone Canada does not charge any fees to submit a job application, nor do we ask for any payment to obtain a work permit if we make you an offer. Finally, we do not make any job offers without first meeting the candidates (over the phone, virtually or in person).

If you start to feel that things aren’t right at any point durin a recruitment process, we encourage you to, trust your intuition, ask the right questions and/or slow down or stop the process entirely.

If you come across suspicious job advertisements, or receive doubtful communications that reference Danone, report it to the authorities, such as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Thank you for considering Danone in your career plans, and please stay vigilant and stay safe.


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