Danone Creamy yogurt is made with simple and good ingredients.

What isCreamy ®?

In addition to being low in fat, Danone Creamy yogurt is made of
delicious ingredients. It is among others things made with fresh milk,
real fruit, no gelatin and no artificial flavours or colours. The ingredients
and the smooth texture make it an ideal everyday yogurt for
your entire family and a genuine pleasure for your taste buds.

Creamy - Smooth and creamy yogurt

Nutrition & Ingredients

Nutrition & Ingredients

Danone Creamy

Danone Creamy yogurt is a source of calcium and vitamin D that contribute to the development and maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth. It contains no artificial flavours or colours and is also gelatin free. Perfect for breakfast, snack time or dessert, this yogurt suits all moments of the day!
*Made with fruit purée and vanilla.

What are the package sizes of Danone Creamy?

Find out which package sizes are available for Danone Creamy yogurt.
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