YoChrunch FAQ

1. What is YoCrunch®?

YoCrunch® is a delicious yogurt with fun toppings that you can add… for supreme enjoyment. Its creamy texture and unique toppings will delight your taste buds!

2. What flavours are you launching?

YoCrunch® is available in six delectable flavours: OREO® cookie pieces, M&M’s® chocolate candies, M&M’s® chocolate candies and strawberry yogurt, Twix®, Chips Ahoy!® and Kellogg’s® Granola.

3. Does YoCrunch® offer all the benefits of yogurt?

Of course! The yogurt not only contains calcium, but is also made with vitamin D-enriched milk. In addition, it contains lactic bacteria, which is found in yogurt. YoCrunch® is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

4. How is YoCrunch® a good alternative to other snacks and desserts?

YoCrunch® offers all the benefits of yogurt with the added bonus of a sweet treat. This is our way of responding to consumers’ desire to indulge themselves.

5. Where in the store can we find this product?

In most cases, YoCrunch® is found in the refrigerated desserts section, or, in certain grocery or convenience stores, next to the yogurts.

6. Do you plan to launch other flavours?

For now, only 6 flavours are available, but others are currently in development. We are always looking for ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact us!

7. Does YoCrunch® contain artificial flavours or colours?

Yes, certain toppings contain artificial flavours and/or colours. For details, please refer to the product’s list of ingredients.

8. Where do the toppings in YoCrunch® come from?

Our suppliers of toppings are in the United States.

9. Where does the milk in YoCrunch® come from?

The milk is supplied by dairy producers in Quebec.

10. Does YoCrunch® contain gluten?

Yes, the toppings may contain wheat, which is a source of gluten. For details, please refer to the product’s list of ingredients.

11. Does YoCrunch® contain nuts?

Yes, the toppings may contain nuts. For details, please refer to the product’s list of ingredients.

12. How should YoCrunch® be stored?

This product must be kept refrigerated at all times.

13. Is the YoCrunch® container recyclable?

The YoCrunch® cup and cardboard are recyclable. In addition, the cardboard is made from recycled materials.

14. Where can I learn more about the company that makes Yocrunch?

Yocrunch is now part of DanoneWave, and our mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. To learn more, please visit www.danone.ca/en/welcome-danonewave-revolution.