On World Food Day, Canadians Cite Concerns about Food Access

86% of Canadians agree that Canada should prioritize access to healthy food for all citizens

Boucherville, Quebec, October 16, 2019 – The majority of Canadians face challenges related to food access and healthy eating, according to a new Leger report released on World Food Day, October 16.

The survey, commissioned by Danone Canada, showed that 6 in 10 (61%) Canadians believe they are not always able to eat as healthily as they would like. The problem appears to transcend age, income and region: although 59% of Canadians say that they sometimes don’t buy food because it’s too expensive, and 63% believe their grocery bill takes up too much of their budget, 67% agree that within their circle, there are people who do not eat well even if they can afford it.

Changing lifestyle habits appear to be a driving force behind these concerns: almost 8 in 10 (77%) Canadians admit to skipping one or more meals a day in the last 6 months, citing lack of time as they primary reason (61%). The problem also extends to younger Canadians: the Breakfast Club of Canada estimates that as many as 1 in 4 Canadian children might start their day without a morning meal.

“Although Canada enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, and we have made significant strides regarding health and nutrition, there is a pressing need to reconnect Canadians with the food they eat,” said Natacha Gouveia, Director of Communications at Danone Canada. “With its mandate to promote action against hunger, World Food Day is a reminder that we all have a continued role to play in building a healthier world through food.”

Danone Canada is a founding partner of the Breakfast Club of Canada, which helps feed more than 220,000 children and youth in over 1,640 schools across the country every school day. Since 1996, Danone Canada has donated more than 20 million servings of yogurt, along with money and volunteer hours, to help the Breakfast Club of Canada fulfill its mission.

“Hunger results in a lack of concentration, irritability, and an increase in negative behavior, which could impact childrens’ ability to learn and succeed,” said Marie-Claude Bienvenue, Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs Vice-President, Eastern Canada for Breakfast Club of Canada. “Although the Breakfast Club of Canada serves over 36 million breakfasts across the country every year, over 500 clubs remain on our waiting list, so the need is significant.”

Video Campaign Gives a New Perspective on Hunger
To commemorate World Food Day, Danone Canada has released an online video that spotlights the striking divide between popular food culture and the urgent statistics relating to child hunger in Canada. Using creative imagery inspired by Instagram, the video also highlights the work being done in all Canadian regions by the Breakfast Club of Canada, with Danone Canada’s support, while calling attention to the need for continued action.

The video is being shared via a targeted one-day online campaign that includes partnerships with celebrity Breakfast Club of Canada ambassadors Angela Price and Kodette Labarbera, along with other ‘momfluencers’ across the country.

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