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Danone Canada shakes up the yogurt category with Two Good™ – a new Greek yogurt offering that is good for you and good for the community

Two Good by Danone helps combat food waste, while providing a nutrient-dense option with only two grams of sugar and eight grams of protein per serving

Toronto, ON and Boucherville, QC, October 24, 2022 — Today, Danone Canada announces its latest commitment to product innovation with Two Good, a new game-changing Greek yogurt that meets Canadians’ nutritional needs and demands, while also supporting Canadian communities. Two Good offers eight grams of protein with only two grams of sugar per serving. In addition to helping Canadians make healthy, simple choices that offer more nourishment, Two Good is committed to supporting a more waste-conscious food system that discards less food, while nourishing more people.

“As a purpose-driven company that values balancing business growth and performance with social responsibility, we are very excited to bring Two Good to the Canadian market to enable consumers to do good for themselves and their communities through a simple cup of yogurt”, says Eric Maffert, Senior Marketing Director at Danone Canada. “Like Danone Canada, Two Good operates with a shared mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible, while also doing its part to make a positive social impact and that’s why – to support the launch of the product in Canada – we’re excited to announce our partnership with Second Harvest, the country’s largest food rescue organization. Through the partnership, we’ll help to create a more waste-conscious food system that prioritizes feeding those in need”.

Two Good’s partnership with Second Harvest, and specifically with its Food Rescue Program, will enable the brand to provide 83,000 rescued meals to Canadians coast-to-coast. Second Harvest’s Food Rescue Program is the largest food rescue initiative of its kind in Canada which helps prevent surplus food from being wasted through a proprietary collection and redistribution system that enables the organization to feed those in need across the country.

“On behalf of all staff, volunteers, and stakeholders at Second Harvest, we are incredibly grateful and excited for this partnership with Two Good and Danone Canada”, says Kris-John Kucharik, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships at Second Harvest. “Two Good’s mission is perfectly aligned with ours against food waste and food insecurity. At a time when there has been a 39 per cent increase in food insecurity and has led to a worsening hunger crisis in communities of all sizes across Canada, there are now nearly seven million Canadians relying on community food organizations. This support from Two Good and Danone Canada will provide a significant impact in our efforts to ensure that all Canadians have access to the food they need”.

With the Two Good brand, Danone Canada demonstrates its ongoing investments to helping Canadians make healthy, simple dietary choices that offer more nourishment through wholesome ingredients. With more than 100 years of innovation under its belt, the new to Canada Two Good offering showcases Danone Canada’s unwavering commitment to bringing health through food to Canadians, while doing its part to make a positive impact on Canadian communities.

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About Danone Canada
Danone Canada is a business unit of Danone and operates from head offices in Toronto, Ontario and Boucherville, Quebec. Danone Canada is the country’s largest consumer-facing Certified B Corporation®, demonstrating that the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Danone Canada’s ambition is to bring Canadians healthful dairy, plant-based products and beverages, coffee creamers, and create economic and social value. Its portfolio of brands includes Activia®, Silk® plant-based foods and beverages, Oikos®, Danone®, So Delicious® Dairy Free, StokTM, DanActive®, International Delight® and more.

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About Second Harvest
Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and is a global thought leader on perishable food redistribution. We operate at the intersection of hunger relief and environmental protection, tackling food loss and waste through food redistribution, research, awareness, and education, continually innovating and collaborating to ensure a more sustainable planet.

We work with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain utilizing logistics and technology to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste, thereby diverting unnecessary greenhouse gasses from entering the environment. Our inclusive model ensures this healthy surplus food is redirected to thousands of charities and non-profits across the country, providing millions of Canadians experiencing food insecurity access to the nourishment they need. Learn more:

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