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Danone 0%
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What isDanone 0%?

Danone 0% is the new fat free offer from Danone. An irresistible fat free yogurt made with a unique recipe: no artificial sweeteners, no gelatin, no artificial colours and flavours and with 25% less sugar than our regular yogurt. The variety and freshness of flavours and its smooth texture make it an ideal everyday yogurt!

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Danone 0%
Danone 0%
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Nutrition & Ingredients

Danone 0%

Danone 0% yogurt is the new fat free offer from Danone. A unique recipe with no artificial sweeteners and 25% less sugar than our regular yogurt. It's a good source of calcium and vitamin D that contribute to the development and maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth. Perfect for breakfast, snack time or dessert, this yogurt suits all moments of the day!

What are the package sizes of Danone 0%?

Danone 0% is available in colourful and tasteful pack.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Discover Danone 0% six new fruity and delectable flavours.

Click on a flavour to see its nutrition facts:

What's your favourite flavour? Tell us what you think of Danone 0%.

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