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What isDanette®?

Danette is an irresistible pudding made of 75% fresh milk! Its variety of flavours and its velvety texture will appeal to people of all ages.

All about Danette

Nutrition & Ingredients

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Can I give Danette to my children?

Absolutely. Danette is a pudding that’s suitable for all members of the family. Both young and old will love it! Did you know that two-thirds of Canadians don't consume the two to four servings of dairy products recommended by Canada’s Food Guide? Therefore, why not give your children a yogurt a day and offer them a Danette pudding to finish their meal in style? By doing so, you’ll increase their daily consumption of dairy products.

Is Danette a yogurt?

No, Danette is a pudding. The Danone Group is not only well known for its yogurts, but also for other products such as Danette. While yogurt is made from milk fermented by bacterial cultures, a process that produces its slightly tart taste, Danette is more like a pudding which contains no bacterial cultures and whose recipe is inspired by classic pastries. Danette is also made with 75% fresh milk enriched with vitamin D. It's no wonder, then, that Danette provides calcium and vitamin D!

What's the difference between Danette and other puddings?

  • Danette is made from 75% fresh milk, making it a source of calcium and vitamin D.
  • The quality of the ingredients makes it a good alternative to other desserts on the market.
  • Above all, we must not forget to mention the delicate and velvety sensation in the mouth, which is quite different.

In addition, you'll notice its wonderful texture the moment you dip your spoon in it!

How is Danette a good alternative to complete Canadians’ meals?

Danette’s nutritional profile makes it easy to include in your daily habits! We know that 80% of desserts that Canadians currently consume are cakes, ice cream, cookies and chocolate. Danette is our way of meeting Canadians’ need for a treat by offering them something nutritious and delicious.

Where can we find the product in stores?

In most cases, Danette will be found near the yogurts. Otherwise, it can be found in the refrigerated pudding section.

Where do the chocolate and cocoa added to Danette come from? Are these ingredients natural?

The cocoa and chocolate powders are made from cocoa beans that may come from multiple sources (West Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.), and these sources can change during the year. Our suppliers obtain their stock from several growers depending on the availability and quality of the beans. These beans are blended in a way that they provide the same taste and a consistent quality regardless of the time of year.

Does Danette contain gelatin?

No. It’s the quality ingredients that give Danette its delicious taste!

Does Danette contain gluten?


Why does Danette contain so much sugar?

Danette is a way of satisfying the needs of Canadians who want to treat themselves by keeping a good balance. One should keep in mind that a part of the sugar in Danette comes from lactose, the sugar naturally found in milk. Because Danette contains 75% fresh milk, it’s a source of calcium and vitamin D. To help you make informed choices at the grocery store, we recommend that you compare the nutrition facts of Danette with those of other puddings.

Why is the product called “Danette”?

The product has existed in France for the past 45 years under the name Danette. It's also sold in 27 countries under this name.

Where can I learn more about the company that makes Danette?

Danette is now part of DanoneWave, and our mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. To learn more, please visit www.danone.ca/en/welcome-danonewave-revolution.

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